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You see, and stop me if you've heard this analogy before, James Bond is like an Oreo cookie. . He straps Bond, naked as the day he was born and already having sex, to a chair . THE GIRLS: Vesper Lynd, bewitchingly played by Eva Green.

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Chicks And Kicks . Posted 1 week ago. (Source: bakednakedladies) . Photo via dopekiidsupreme. Following. Follow me · Archive Mobile RSS Tumblr.

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Anonymous asked: Do you consider it to be cheating if a girl(who has a girlfriend) hooks up with another girl? Uhhh in what universe is that NOT cheating?¿?

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. Decorating the christmas tree. 207- Watching mean girls . 219- The superbowl . 220- Oreos dipped in milk . 1273- Decorations. 1274- Naked eye pallette 2 .

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  1. Cinderlina Chapter 1: Mystery Girl, a naked brothers band fanfic ...

    Oct 7, 2012 . After the mystery girl leaves her phone behind, will Nat be able to find her? A Naked Brothers Band twoshot based on the story of Cinderella.

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    Oct 16, 2012 . mrjackthereal: “your tumblr “ine poly oreo” ” . gerardos-girl reblogged this from raw-sensual-passion · gerardos-girl liked this. princesspie1706 .

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“My worst habit is getting naked all the time.” 27. The way they say “Hi, we're . Erm, I mean girls who are cute with a good personality.” 246. “I've been looking .

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. t call you 1 note permalink reblog i just want to cuddle naked under silk sheets . well for funnel cake just add sugar crush the oreos and mix it in for a cookies .